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We've guided 8 clients to bulls 400" class or better with an average score of 416"!!! 4 of those bulls, ranging in score between 412" to 417", were taken on general season archery and rifle tags!!!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Crossover Has Crossed Over!

Howdy again folks, I was able to run home for the day but am heading back up within the hour! The archery hunts have been tough but we've been fortunate to share some great experiences and made some new friends! We were able to have close encounters with several "named" bulls such as Bat Bull, GQ Jr., Switchblade, Balls, Clark Jr. and Crossover, and they all are bigger in person than they appear on trail cams! Crossover was the one that made the mistake of stopping at 17 yards in front of my hunter Bruce Caison. Bruce made a perfect shot and Crossover was tipped over in about 30 seconds! We were all in amazement at how much bigger his mass was and the length of the G3's! We conservatively taped him out later at 372" with 22" G3's! Congratulations to Bruce, thanks for the laughs and all the memories!

Muzzleloader and rifle hunts start this Friday, gonna be some great bulls hittin' the ground soon! Stay tuned! JIM>

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  1. Things look like they are going good for you guys. Keep up the good work. Atleast it is keeping Jim from causing problems on the Coues deer site. Plus we can all hammer on him while he is gone. Keep it up guys.

    Jade Goodman.