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Monday, December 6, 2010

First Time Elk Killer!

This year has been awesome with tons of great experiences and most importantly a bunch of firsts! We had the priviledge of helping 6 folks take their very first big game animals and that honestly is what i live for! I LOVE helping folks kill giant critters but nothing is better than watching somebody take their very first!

The first and one of my favorites from the 2010 season was a cow hunt with Grant Larson. He and his father Kurt hunted with us on a hunt that none of us will soon forget!

My plan for the hunt was to help Grant get a genuine "Elk" hunting experience which would be tough in a unit known for TONS of hunters and lots of roads. I found a spot that held a few elk and was far enough from the roads there hopefully would be very few if any hunters. To make the experience the best it could be our friend Glen was there to cook for us and my dad along with Bryan Waitman and Bryan Hurley were there to help with the hunt as well. The hunting was tough for a few days with only bulls up close and lots of walking and hiking in the mix. We even called in a nice bull right into Grant's lap one day and had a great "stare down" with him and that was a great experience for all of us! We made several long stalks and had some close calls in very thick country but it wasn't until the evening of the 3rd day when it all came together!

The elk were spotted and the stalk was on! We didn't have much daylight left but Grant and I made it to the elk only to realize we couldn't see the elk through the brush and the wind was swirling. They eventually got our wind and busted out but I was able to call one of the cows back and unfortunately for her, Grant was already on the shooting sticks and ready! She poked her head up over the brush long enough to look at Grant through his scope just as he sent a fatal bullet her way! The blood trail was insane and perfect for a first time hunter to follow and we found her piled up in no time! It was an amazing experience for us all and I'm very glad to have shared the experience with Grant and Kurt! Grant is a killer and we will definitely see more critters with his tags on them in the future! Congrats buddy! Jimmy>

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