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We've guided 8 clients to bulls 400" class or better with an average score of 416"!!! 4 of those bulls, ranging in score between 412" to 417", were taken on general season archery and rifle tags!!!

Friday, March 22, 2013

Draw Results Are Almost Out!!!

Hey all, there have already been a bunch of lucky folks who've had hits on their credit cards! Congrats to you all and we hope you got your 1st choice!

This year is already shaping up to be a great year for horn growth and we are all excited for the upcoming season!

We have been creating and updating our new Facebook page lately and hope you all will check it out and give us a "Like"!  We will be adding new content there often and will be keeping everyone updated on the scouting season which is about to begin.

If any of you have gotten a card hit or find out you have drawn that coveted AZ Bull tag, give us a call or email if you are interested in what we can offer!  We have a full list of reference numbers of past clients that we'll email to you and we strongly recommend calling everyones reference list before hiring any outfitter!

Here's a link to our new Facebook page!

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Friday, November 2, 2012

Wade Armstrong's Hunt Of A Lifetime!

Howdy again all, hope the season is a great one so far for all of you!  I'm home from one hunt and turning right around for another, but I wanted to post this up for you.

We had the great privilege of sharing a hunt with Wade Armstrong recently.  Wade recieved his tag through the Hunt Of A Lifetime organization and Wired Outdoors came along to catch the experience on film for you all to see.  The Wired Outdoor guys do an amazing job as you'll see by this video!

I want to give a huge thanks to Dusty Mathis for all his effort in putting this hunt together for us, after watching the video it's evident the hunt was one nobody involved will ever forget!

Congrats Wade on a great bull!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

The first hunts are finished and it's been a blast!


Hey all, we are home and gearing up for the next round of hunts! The first hunts were a blast! Everyone chased big bulls and had opportunities and in the end everyone left with all the experiences and memories one could hope for! We were fortunate to catch a few of the kills on tape and I've been trying to round up all the footage and kill photos. I've got most of them now and just put a short video together for you all that can't wait for the finished product! I'll be putting together the individual hunt videos and ultimately a final video with all the hunts and experiences combined. Stay tuned for the next videos and until then, best of luck on your hunts! JIM


Saturday, September 22, 2012

2012 Archery Bull Hunts Are Underway!

Hey all, I'm home for just a few days and have already been on successful archery bull hunts in AZ and NM all in less than 1 week! My first hunt was in northern AZ and it was by far the fastest and shortest archery bull hunt we've done! My hunter flew in from Georgia the night before opening day and had a fatal arrow in our target bull 20 mins after first light on opening day! That's what some serious scouting will do for ya! We also had another hunter take a great bull that's been a legend for many years and had been chased by some of the best hunters and guides in the state over the years. I've got a set of sheds that I found from this bull and when I get time I'll take some good pics and post up a post dedicated to the life of that bull! For now I'll post up some pic's of my first hunter's bull from opening day! Craig waited for 15 years to draw his coveted tag and trusted me with his hunt! I had to apologize to him for the hunt only lasting 45 minutes, but we just couldn't pass up a 388" bull! LOL! When I get some time I'll post up the video as well! Congratulations again Craig on your huge trophy bull!!! Thanks and best of luck to all still out hunting! JIM>

Friday, July 13, 2012

Couple of the bulls we are watching grow right now!

Here's a few bulls that we are watching right now. You'll notice that most of these are also in our "Hit List" video as well from last season and unfortunately because of the drought conditions in the areas we hunt, these bulls will be smaller this year. They also have changed in antler configuration a bit, but they are still great bulls! Stay tuned as I'll have more updates soon with pics illustrating how these bull finished out! Thanks!

Monday, April 9, 2012

2012 Hit List

The Draw Results Are Out!!!

Finally, after much anticipation the results are finally out! We at Mullins Outfitters are very excited for the upcoming 2012 season and are already preparing and scouting! Congratulations to those that have drawn your dream tag, or any tag for that matter! And to those of you that didn't draw, don't forget about the great Over The Counter tags that are available! If you need help with a tag you drew or are interested in an OTC hunt with us, please call us or email anytime! We'd love to help you out!