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We've guided 8 clients to bulls 400" class or better with an average score of 416"!!! 4 of those bulls, ranging in score between 412" to 417", were taken on general season archery and rifle tags!!!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

11 year old Bobby takes his first muzzy bull!

Here's another great bull and even greater experience we shared with Bobby MacMillan! Bobby showed incredible patience and skill during this hunt, you would have never believed he was only 11 years old! Bobby was guided by our good friend Mel Kincaid and those boys were in bulls every day! Bobby passed up a bunch of bulls during his 7 day hunt and several were 350-360" class bulls! We had the pleasure to hunt with most of the MacMillan family on this hunt as I was guiding Bobby's cousin, Ian, at the same time. They were all great folks and made our time in the woods that much more enjoyable. Bobby held out until the last hour of his hunt and with his dad, Bob, sitting right next to him he made a great shot on this 330"class bull at around 80 yards! Congrats again Bobby and thanks for allowing us to share in your awesome experience!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Another Monster Hits The Ground!

Yep, we pulled another giant off the mountain! This hunt was with a friend of ours that enlisted our help with his early rifle bull tag that he'd waited many years for! Tommy along with Manny and Brian made up the team and against all odds they helped Will tag a bull that will tape out well over the 400" mark! They ran a conservative tape in camp and came up with over 420" on the 7x7 bull! The hunt in this unit this year was not as expected, it was hot and the rut was almost non existent at times! The boys did a great job of finding this bull and Will did an even better job of puttin' em' on the ground! Great job guys on a bull of a lifetime!!!

In-Feild photos will be posted soon so please check back with us to see them!

"Squiggy" is now Don's Trophy Archery Bull!!

Here's a great bull taken by Don on this past archery hunt! Damion and Don helped us out a ton this past summer and once the archery hunt started it was Don' s turn to take the bull of his dreams! They scouted this bull and named him "Squiggy" and after many days and countless hours Don finally had the shot he wanted on this hog of a bull. Squiggy didn't go far and it was all over except for the photoshoot! Great job guys and congratulations to Don on his 380" class hog of a bull!!!

Ian's 2nd 370" class bull in 2 years!

Hey all, i'm back with yet a few more bulls to share with ya!

This bull was taken by 17 yr. old Ian MacMillan and is his 2nd 370" class bull that he's taken with us! This hunt was a muzzleloader hunt and it was a fantastic experience for all of us! We called in and passed up some great bulls during the first few days of the hunt and it set the stage for the 4th morning! We were set up at first light to intercept the bulls in a meadow and the bugles lit up the morning just as the sun did. I was able to call 2 cows over to us and the deep growling bull followed shortly behind. I could tell right away it was a great bull and the shot was about to be perfect. Ian was on the shooting sticks and steady, the cows were about to get our wind and just then the bull walked into the shooting lane! I ranged him, Ian said he's got em', I said "take em'" and BOOM! As the smoke cleared we could see the bull was already going down for the count! The hunt, the experience and the bull were all exceptional and we all had a great time! Congrats Ian on yet another great bull!!